The New
Altos System

Same great data. Powerful new capabilities.

01 / Branded
Market Reports

How’s the market? Altos tracks over 100 million properties across the U.S. and emails customized reports to your contacts every week.

02 / Built-in
Lead Generation

Thousands of Realtors, brokers, and title companies use Altos to reach new clients. Altos reports generate leads as people interact with them.

03 / Get Started
In Five Minutes!

The Altos system is easy to use and automates everything from email marketing to Facebook campaigns. Get started in 5 minutes or less.

Generate and Nurture Leads


Buyers and sellers in your area want to know what’s happening in the market… so get your Altos reports into their newsfeed every week. You’ll generate leads as they click and interact with your reports.

  • Promote your reports using Facebook Ads to reach new buyers and sellers.
  • Reach thousands of new prospects when your friends and followers share.
  • Stay top-of-mind in your network with high-value content every week.


Set up weekly email campaigns for buyers, sellers, and prospects. Reports go out automatically every week to your lists. Track who’s opening and viewing your reports – these are your warm leads!

  • Pre-built campaign templates make it easy to get started.
  • Customize your emails to fit your unique voice and branding.
  • Your campaigns will run automatically every week – set it and forget it.


Altos Reports work great offline too. Whether you’re knocking on doors, hosting open houses, or sending out direct mail, Altos data is the perfect content to help you cultivate your farm.

  • Print custom-branded reports with your contact info to share.
  • Use our market insights to strike up a well-informed conversation.
  • Copy and paste Altos charts into direct mail postcards and flyers.

Data made easy

We track over 100M listings every week to deliver real-time market insights.

Readable Reports - Not Just Numbers
Quick snapshot of the market.
Real-Time Market Profile
At-a-glance view of market indicators.
Market Trends Charts
A historical view of home prices and other local stats.

The Altos Lead Flow

Report Sharing

Share your reports with your Facebook followers, then boost your posts to reach more prospects. Email reports directly to prospects, print them to use at your next open house, or embed reports into your website.

Zip Code Search

Once people discover your reports, they’ll want to search on more zip codes… requiring them to register their lead info. When they do, they’ll appear as a new contact in your Altos database and will be added to your email drip campaign.

Lead Tracking

The final step is to monitor lead activity in your Altos database. Watch for new leads, then track who's opening, clicking, and viewing your reports the most. These engaged contacts are your warm leads. Reach out to them!

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