MLS Visibility

The only real-time, national view of the real estate market.

Traditional housing data is lagging, backward-looking tax records that rely on local governments to consolidate and report transactions.

Altos Research, by contrast, analyzes the active market, tracking in real-time every property listed for sale in the US and all the market dynamics of pricing, valuations, supply and demand, and leading indicators that are invisible to the traditional housing data set.

The country's 900 MLS’s are opaque, difficult to access, expensive, and restrictive. Rental market data is unreliable and doesn't account for the growing inventory of single family homes now available as rentals.

Only Altos Research gives you real-time visibility for all 100,000,000 properties in the US. We capture and analyze 250,000,000 data points in over 30,000 zip codes each week.

Our end-to-end suite of data solutions is optimized for property valuation, AVMs, market research, consumer marketing, and portfolio benchmarking.

Altos Research Enterprise Data is consumable in two file formats: Altos Trends™ and Altos Listing Intel™.

Listing Intel

There are 100,000,000 homes in the US. Which are for sale right now? What are their prices? Where are they located? What do they have in common?

For systems that use properly-level data as inputs, Listing Intel™ is the solution. Listing Intel™ provides comprehensive visibility into all homes for sale in every local market.

Improve Pool Bidding, Workout and Disposition Strategies

Use Listing Intel™ to examine your portfolio and know what’s for sale right now, at what price, the listing history and the complete set of active comparables.

Listing History

While results vary from asset to asset, and from market to market, to predict future values and performance, historic data is quite useful. The Listing History Application provides a complete history to accurately assess future asset and market performance and risk.

  • Access rejected offers
  • View property’s weekly price changes and listing records
  • Cross-check BPO’s for opportunities or error
Listing History

Rental Intel™

Rental Intel™ is the largest housing and apartment database in the United States.

When combined with Altos’ real time real estate analytics, Rental Intel™ offers a unique combination of data that's available for the first time to the mortgage and housing industries.

With details on the approximately 1,000,000 available rental units that hit the market each week (including privately owned single family homes), Rental Intel™ tracks active rental inventories, pricing, and unit characteristics.

  • Tracks approximately 70% of the US homes and apartments for rent each week
  • Pricing, market time, and property characteristics (property types, square footage, beds, baths, etc.)
  • Current local asking prices, inventory, and demand trends
  • Current rents and rental availability

Practical Applications

  • Market selection
  • Investment decisions
  • Pre bid strategy
  • Disposition strategy
  • Loss Mitigation strategy
  • BPO, valuation and appraisal modeling
  • Direct marketing

Altos Portfolio Watch

Altos Portfolio Watch automatically tracks every property for you and alerts you to changes, opportunities, and potential fraud. Investigate individual properties for rental valuation.

Give Portfolio Watch a test, and we will provide you with real time answers immediately. Check it out here.

Listing Match

Details on every rental listed right now.

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